living life cute: cute bow ties, cute clothes & cute housewares

living life cute: cute bow ties, cute clothes & cute housewares

living life cute: cute bow ties, cute clothes & cute housewaresliving life cute: cute bow ties, cute clothes & cute housewares

About Mabo & Jimmy



"Mabo is the cutest thing on the planet!" That's what I say all the time. My name is Jimmy, and I am the Jimmy of Mabo & Jimmy. Mabo left Japan at the age of 18, barely able to speak English, with the dream of becoming a sports medicine trainer...and that's exactly what he did, and much more! He worked with the Denver Broncos for two training seasons, received his Masters in Physical Education with a specialty in sports medicine, was the head trainer at Northwood University and now works full-time with Baylor Medical and also happens to be known as "Professor Mabo" at Paul Quinn College in Dallas where he teaches. He lives, naturally, with a high level of happiness and love, and doesn't have the capacity to hold guilt, anger, revenge, fear, jealousy or harsh judgement of himself or others. I'm pretty sure Mabo is a LIVING BUDDHA. Mabo coined the term, "Cuteness is Justice!", which is the embodiment of his entire being.  Mabo lives with me and our rescues, Baby (pitbull mix), Cinnamon Girl (rhodesian ridgeback)  &  BooBoo Bear (bull mastiff). I'm a rescuer by nature, not by profession, and just before Mabo moved in with me I had 13 dogs and a cat named George.  Yes, it does sound like a good title to a Country & Western song. Mabo arrived at a perfect time to help, as many of my dogs were then very old, making their final years more comfortable, happy and peaceful (sports medicine trainer - he's a nurturer as well). Who else but a living buddha would willingly move in with someone with so many animals?! He must be a living buddha! Not only did I live with so many animals, my ex-partner, of 14.5 years, was still living upstairs...and still lives up there during the week so he can be closer to work - the rest of the time he lives with his husband at their lake home. Oh yeah, and to make Mabo even more buddhamazing, let us not forget my mom and dad, the retired minister & wife, who moved in with us in 2016! Believe me or not, we are all living in harmony, with very few hiccups. Overall, we have a very peaceful and happy household. We all (me, my minister dad, my mom and even my ex) love and adore Mabo and are amazed at his capacity for happiness, love and his capacity for the uncommon. (understatement)



I, Jimmy, was born a son of a preachin' man in a religion so conservative they thought the Baptists were LIBERALS and going to hell. Luckily for me, my dad became more open-minded as time went on. I grew up being "cute", painfully so, well at least in the mind of the little me. Yep, I know what you're thinking, it's really tough growing up cute. I know, right? All the girls and women would pinch my chubby cheeks and pull on my long blonde eyelashes; I grew to hate the word "cute". When I was about 5 years old I took scissors and cut off my eyelashes so everyone would leave me alone - that, of course, didn't work. And then, things took a turn for the worse. About the age of 7 or 8, in the Boy's section of a department store, I was introduced to a new word that would shape the course of my life for decades to follow. While dreaming of how cool I would look in all the colorful and groovy clothes spread out far and wide before me, like those I had seen on TV shows like The Sonny & Cher Show, I was suddenly ripped from my purple haze and escorted away from the sea of colors, textures and patterns and plopped in front of one single rack of the beige-est clothing I had ever seen. Above that pitifully plain grouping of taupes, tans and ecru was a sign, spelled out in big chunky letters, that read: HUSKY BOYS. Once I grasped the depth of the H-Bomb that had just been dropped upon my pudgy little head, in that very moment, in my, obviously,  chubby little boy's mind, my body became FAT & UNLOVABLE. Body issues and the feeling that "no one could love THIS body" followed me well into adulthood. By my teens, I desired to be considered "handsome", instead I was relegated to being "cute", a not so appreciated word at the time. Chubby, funny and terminally CUTE - WELCOME TO MY LIFE. Over the past decade, especially since meeting Mabo, I have grown to appreciate my body and my cuteness. Thus the importance of Mabo's phrase, Cuteness is Justice! Cuteness wins in the end. Oh, and a little educational and occupational history, I have a clothing and design background and was a pioneer in the soy candle industry. Now I get to design and make anything in as many colors, textures and patterns as I like. Funny thing is, I now feel good in shades of ecru, tan and taupe... with a splash of ORANGE, of course!


mabo & jimmy

Mabo's ENERGY was what first caught my attention, while Mabo was masked and dressed as a Power Ranger, doing the most adorable & energetic Country & Western line dance I had ever seen. It was in that moment that I said to myself, "That is the energy I want in my life!" Then, when Mabo turned around and the tight outfit showed his cute backside I said, "...and I could live with THAT for the rest of my life!" It was Halloween weekend 2011 at the Round Up Saloon & Dancehall  (where you will find us nearly every weekend dancing and twirling). We had what I call a Country & Western Dancehall Romance and almost two years after that fateful Halloween weekend night we got married in P-town, MA. We each feel like the luckiest man on the planet and think the other is the cutest thing on the planet. What makes this story more special is the fact that I, coming from the darkest period in my life after the end of a 14.5 year relationship and the collapse of my business, was in a healthy period of self-healing and was calling forth the love of my life. I didn't put an age or a race on the list of who I was calling forth; I just requested from the Universe it not be a woman (been there, don't need to do that again). The four things on top of my list for the love of my life were: 1) Someone with the capacity for LOVE as great as myself or greater. 2) The capacity for HAPPINESS as great as myself or greater. 3) That person would think I was the cutest thing on the planet, and 4) I would think they were the cutest thing on the planet! Seriously, that was basically my list. I had more qualities on my desire list, many of which I thought were too much to ask for, but figured if those four things were there, the rest would fall into place. Take a look at the first sentence in this section, "Mabo's ENERGY was what first caught my attention..." Also note, Mabo was wearing a mask; at first I didn't see his face, his race and age had nothing to do with my initial attraction, just his ENERGY... and of course, his cute behind. Mabo possesses EVERYTHING on my ENTIRE LIST, even the things I was afraid were asking too much! I AM THE LUCKIEST MAN ON THE PLANET. The moral to the story, realize we are always in the process of calling forth, so be mindful of what you are calling forth.  Now, let's talk about Mabo's favorite saying, Cuteness is Justice! Cuteness comes from within...from a place of love. Cuteness supersedes body type and societal norms of what is accepted as pretty or handsome. Pretty and handsome will fade with age, but cuteness never has to go away. Cuteness always wins in the end. Cuteness is Justice! The journey into SELF that Mabo & Jimmy are on was once jokingly described by a friend as "Narcissistic". This person was quickly corrected, "We don't use the N-word, we prefer the term, Self Awareness Surplus Syndrome, otherwise known as SASS. We have a pretty good case of SASS!" We also are very aware that by our example of LIVING LIFE CUTE we can help others to begin to LOVE and appreciate themselves for WHO and WHAT THEY ARE and let that LIGHT shine for ALL to see! CUTENESS is JUSTICE!